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Let's Make: An Arduino Micro Twitterprinter

Microtprinter by Tom Taylor

For several occasions during the  last year we had the beautiful “Please RT” Twitterprinter by Jens Wunderling at betahaus. If I got it right (and I am not a specialist) technically it is basically a hacked Apple TV connected to a small thermoprinter, monitoring some hastags via a small java application and then spitting out small “receipts” with twitter messages. You can see an example for the prints over here.

Whenever we took the effort to borrow the Apple TV and put everything together, I thought that there must be something easier with less expensive hardware to work with. Talking to Philip about the different Arduino “Shields” we concluded that an Arduino-Powered solution with a wifi-shield for maximum flexibility would the “the thing” for betahaus.

It seems that there are similar things out there and that we just need to put peaces together one of those days. Something is over here at London based Tom Taylors blog, some you can find at Yourneighbours, which are nearly literally our neighbours in Berlin/Kreuzberg. The missing part is up to the Open Design City Crew I guess…

Well, that is what I think about on Saturday Mornings. Just wanted to share.. 😉

See you at ODC this summer!



2 responses

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  2. Yes, time to finish it.
    I never finished my own Twitter printer from last year:

    May 10, 2010 at 9:39 am

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