Open Community Maker Space

DMY Maker Lab – A four day festival of making, 9 -13 June, Templehof

What happens when you take 200 square metres of space and the following?

A laser cutter
Some maker bots
A vinyl cutter
CNC router
Screen printing equipment
A loom

Soldering irons and electronics equipment
Wearable electronics hardwear and conductive thread
Bioplastics manufacturing station
Home made vac forming machine
Sewing machines
Embroidery machines

Ideas, inspiration, people of passion, knowledge of production, design and manufacture.


Whatever you want to bring

We’re excited to find out. For 4 days we’re going to be running a host of activities. Some will be planned as listed here, others will be spontaneous, shaped by what you have to bring to the party. Shaped by random events, engagement and the people within it.

The ripples of energy from this event, have already created the Open Design City ahead of itself. We’re very excited to see what will happen when we actually manifest this epic 4 day festival of Making and Open Design (yes we know 9-13 is 5 days but Wednesday is a late start) in a hanger in Templehof in the middle of an International Design event.

We hope you can join us, for what promises to be a hell of a lot of fun.

A big thanks to everyone responsible for helping this Manifest. Especially DMY,, Becks Betahaus, Waag, Palomar 5, and the tentatively named Berlin Beta Collective (you know who you are).


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