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Let's make: Hacked Fitness Lockers

Our Friends from Coworking Cologne just posted some very nice pictures of regular Gym Lockers that they hacked a little bit. Now they are serve as a special form of “Office Trolleys” to store office supplies. I thought this would be a nice addition to the Ikea hacked whiteboards, posted over here last week.

At betahaus Berlin personal storage is an important issue since most of the desks are flexible. We do have a couple of lockers already that are frequently used by betahaus people but we would love to come up with a more creative approach. Hacking the Gym – Locker would lead into this direction.

I’d say it’s time soon for an office hackday, maybe in the end of June. Let’s get through the DMY Maker Fest and some odc-organisational days and workload and schedule a weekend in June to collectively hack the office. A little bit of forechecking: What about the 25th to 26st of June? We do have the Match “Portugal – Brasil” on Friday, but there is a “WM Studio” at betahaus anyway, so we actually could watch the game AND hack the office. 😉

Some more picture from Coworking Cologne and Jack in the Box I guess.

Talk to you soon,



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