Open Community Maker Space

Open Design City Open Materials Lab

The Open Design City Open Materials Lab is an ongoing exploration into Open Materials and processes generated by Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Open Design for us is as much about accessibility as it is about permission to duplicate. Therefore the Open Materials Lab is focussed on creating materials and processes which are accessible in use, production and sourcing.  Because the production processes are open it is easy to modify material properties, and to assess the sustainability of the process as a whole. Whilst most of our processes are home focussed, we see this as a stepping stone towards more industrial open production. We want to give people the opportunity to produce their own products, and to engage in the joy of making.

Our initial material explorations have been focussed on Starch Plastic (fka bioplastic) and creating a community and incentives to solve some of the problems associated with the material. Through this we have developed deep insights into the material properties (which we must document better), and a line of open products.

It was our forays into Starch Plastic, which brought us together with a community, which then formed to create a larger event, and create Open Design City.

Everything we have done so far has been for free. However we need your support to continue our work. You can support us by buying our products through our shop, attending workshops (published on Open Design City), hiring us to do a workshop, adopting our processes and supporting the cause with a donation from profits, sponsor us or simply donate. Contact Jay Cousins, or Chris Doering for details.


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