Open Community Maker Space

Drumbeat Berlin: meet-up for lovers of the open web

“Beer, conversation, and pinatas.”

The open web is the most powerful communication tool in the history of humanity. It is participatory, transparent, decentralized and generative.

But we can’t take the freedom of the web for granted.

Join us at Drumbeat Berlin, a local meet-up for anyone who wants to help keep the web open.

Drumbeat Berlin is part of a global network initiated by Mozilla. It connects people and projects to foster the open web. We invite you to grab a beer and join us for an evening to share ideas and get involved. We’ll talk about technical and social challenges facing the open web, and we’ll highlight local initiatives already doing their part.

Kicking off the conversation are:

Pippa Buchanan: P2PU School of Webcraft —

Gabriel Shalom: Junto and Open Video

Ela Kagel: Transmediale Open Web Award —

This event builds on the Drumbeat workshop held in May:

Open Design City at betahaus

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20

Berlin, Germany

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