Open Community Maker Space

Open Design City meets Schmiede: where creative playgrounds collide

I’m off to Schmiede in Hallein in a couple of weeks, and still have no idea what it’s about. But having explored such spaces before both at Palomar5, at the DMY maker lab and at Open Design City I’m very excited. When you get awesome people together and give them freedom, great things happen.

Having checked the Schmiede site, there seems to be quite a contingent going from Berlin, so why not get started early.

Schmiede crew consider yourself invited to Open Design City, ODC crew come and meet even more cool people than you already know.

Evening will begin with a few spontaneous informal presentations, and then swiftly slip into a freestyle get together. We’ll set up a projector so people can show movies and footage, but powerpoint is outlawed and everyone gets 5 minutes max, with opportunity for more later if the mood takes us.

Bring your passions, share them and mingle your brains.

Thursday 9th September, 19:00 Open Design City, 19-20 Prinzessinen Strasse, Berlin

Schmiederites I look forward to meeting you.

ODC citizens here’s a teaser


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