Open Community Maker Space

Betabook Project

A form of publication adequate to its topic: the Open Design City as a perfect example of this new social, economical and political behavior: the co-working.

I propose to start the project of an open book, a book in process which will grow progressively by the gathering of different materials. First on line, then through regular micro “objectations” : a publication not under the form of a booklet or magazine but under the form of objects, able to awake curiosity of people towards the Betabook on line, the future  Betabook offline and the different “rendez-vous” it will impulse in ODC.

I start it with the tool, the machine I put in ODC since one week: the philosophical approach and its production of concepts but I AM CALLING FOR PARTICIPATION other knowledge, other approaches and modalities of expression needed in such a betabook process.

If you want to join it by a work of photographer, video maker, spontaneous interviewer or of analyst also interested in these problematic that you can observe in the world: please contact me:

Read here the 1stODCphilosophicaltext

one week later


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