Open Community Maker Space


Christopher Doering

Christopher Doering is a designer, inventor and educator. He runs a design research project on accessible sustainable materials, worked as a project manager and exhibition designer at Michael Braungart´s environmental design agency EPEA, assisted at photo-shootings and graphic design projects at a design firm in New York City, constructed furniture at a cabinetmaker´s shop, conducted job interviews as a personnel consultant in the field of medical science, gave tutoring in a troubled neighborhood, assisted at a workshop for the handicapped, spent his holidays helping at a organic farm, sorted chips and rubbish at a waste treatment facility, created a school magazine and lived and worked in a house project at the east german countryside. He loves to learn, to teach, to share – and is very curious to see what happens next.

Born and raised in Hamburg, he studied product design at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg and Bauhaus University Weimar, focusing on Cradle to Cradle principles, product quality and interactive sculpture design – and in between he got into applied ethics and economic history at University Jena for a while.

Christopher was a resident at the Palomar 5 innovation camp and is one of the co-founders of Open Design City He is your contact person regarding memberships, workspace and individual design projects.

Jay Cousins

I love analogue. I’m a digital heretic. I will be most happy when I don’t have to use a computer (and by this I mean the clunky souped up typewriters we interact with daily) to do anything. Maybe it’s just powerbook envy, buy me one and see if my opinion changes.

My love is human interaction. I like to create opportunities for people to interact, small excuses that allow them to play, to share and to explore what they’re about. To help them let go of what they think they can’t do, learn new skills and find how they can collaborate with others.

I think the whole world should be in Beta, when we recognise that nothing is finished and we can still always improve it, shape it and fit it to our personal needs then we will begin to advance our culture.

This year we’ve done a lot. I say WE as it was never just me, although naturally I was the common thread in my own experiences.

Open Design City
Open Materials Laboratory
DMY Maker Lab
Open Design Workshop

If you want to know my past check my flavors. Also you can see me in these documentaries:
Delivered in Beta

I didn’t star in this one, but I helped manifest the event it documents:
Chasing the Buffalo

Philip Stefan


Christoph Fahle


Bich Thu Cao Minh

Bich Thu assists the ODC team in marketing and is your go-to person for workshop coordination and payment questions.

In her past life she was a Mini Playback Show alumna, and a social compliance inspector, where she was searching for child and slave labor in factories all over the world. She eventually found some in Vietnam- her home turf, besides Bavaria.

She was also a fashion designer in Paris, and produced Hip Hop hoodies size 4XL – 6XL for rappers in New York.

Now she works in Cultural Management for Illustrative e.V, an artistic platform for designers and neo- crafters. She is passionate about fashioning technology and pleats.


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