Open Community Maker Space

Christopher Doering

Christopher Doering is a designer, inventor and educator. He runs a design research project on accessible sustainable materials, worked as a project manager and exhibition designer at Michael Braungart´s environmental design agency EPEA, assisted at photo-shootings and graphic design projects at a design firm in New York City, constructed furniture at a cabinetmaker´s shop, conducted job interviews as a personnel consultant in the field of medical science, gave tutoring in a troubled neighborhood, assisted at a workshop for the handicapped, spent his holidays helping at a organic farm, sorted chips and rubbish at a waste treatment facility, created a school magazine and lived and worked in a house project at the east german countryside. He loves to learn, to teach, to share – and is very curious to see what happens next.

Born and raised in Hamburg, he studied product design at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg and Bauhaus University Weimar, focusing on Cradle to Cradle principles, product quality and interactive sculpture design – and in between he got into applied ethics and economic history at University Jena for a while.

Christopher was a resident at the Palomar 5 innovation camp and is one of the co-founders of Open Design City He is your contact person regarding memberships, workspace and individual design projects.

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