Open Community Maker Space

Jay Cousins

I love analogue. I’m a digital heretic. I will be most happy when I don’t have to use a computer (and by this I mean the clunky souped up typewriters we interact with daily) to do anything. Maybe it’s just powerbook envy, buy me one and see if my opinion changes.

My love is human interaction. I like to create opportunities for people to interact, small excuses that allow them to play, to share and to explore what they’re about. To help them let go of what they think they can’t do, learn new skills and find how they can collaborate with others.

I think the whole world should be in Beta, when we recognise that nothing is finished and we can still always improve it, shape it and fit it to our personal needs then we will begin to advance our culture.

This year we’ve done a lot. I say WE as it was never just me, although naturally I was the common thread in my own experiences.

Open Design City
Open Materials Laboratory
DMY Maker Lab
Open Design Workshop

If you want to know my past check my flavors. Also you can see me in these documentaries:
Delivered in Beta

I didn’t star in this one, but I helped manifest the event it documents:
Chasing the Buffalo

End of Ego Dump


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